The mission of Evan’s Life Foundation was simple: to reach out to children at risk.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our friends, families, colleagues and donors for their generous support over the last 21 years.

Dear Friends,

After over 20 years of supporting the lives and dreams of more than 10,000 at-risk children, Evan's Life Foundation has chosen to cease its operations.

We believe it is the right time for a change. This past summer we conducted an analytical search for an organization that shared our philosophy of caring for children whose lives lack resources and opportunities. Our intent was to locate a non-profit that was significant and impactful, with a track record of operational success and excellent fiscal management. Our goal was to pass on the remaining Evan's Life Foundation funds to the right organization who would in turn carry on Evan's legacy in a meaningful and permanent way. By transferring this gift to a worthy and sustainable non-profit, an even greater good would result with continued benefits to an underserved population of children.

In August, Evan's Life Foundation's Board of Directors chose By the Hand Club for Kids, By October, the transfer was finalized and it was official that By the Hand Club for Kids would carry on Evan Samata's legacy through its charity work. Under the direction of Founder and Executive Director, Donnita Travis, the mission of By the Hand Club is to serve children who live in the inner-city, by providing a safe haven after school, staffed with critical volunteer teachers and tutors who support educational aspirations. Every school day, By the Hand Club serves over 900 children in Chicago's most crime ridden areas. This donation from Evan's Life will allow them to exponentially expand the number of those they protect and teach.

Thank you so much for over 20 years of generous support to Evan's Life. Now as we close this chapter, we ask you to consider contributing your time and/or future donations to By the Hand Club for Kids.

With thanks,

Pat & Greg

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Thank you for helping over 10,000 kids live a better life!